Open Thursday, Friday, Saturday 11:00-3:00
Sorry, we do not take lunch reservations. Seating is first come, first seated.
Batar is closed for the season. Re-open March 19th!

Now Hiring the Following Positions:
We're gearing up for the 2015 season and are looking for great people who would like to work in a uniquely fun and pleasant environment!

Your role is very important as you are the first contact our customers have when they enter Batar. You set a welcoming tone for their experience and are vital to a smooth operation. This position requires:
Hours are 10am-2pm, Thursday, Friday, and Saturday. March 19 thru mid December 2015.
Pre-Opening responsibilities include light cleaning, restocking, and hostess station prep.
Open responsibilities include greeting and seating our guests, retail shop sales, and maintaining a relaxed, clean environment. You may also be needed to assist with running meals, busing tables and provide cashier relief.
You are always upbeat and personable (even when 20 people just walked in the door!) You can keep a smile while under pressure and have experience in working with the public. Having some retail sales experience is a plus.

Cafe Server:
Your role is very important as you are the face of Batar to our customers. We want them to enjoy a great experience while dining with us, and you are the key to that outcome. This position requires:
Hours are 10am-2pm Thursday, Friday, and Saturday. Every third week you will work the close shift of 10am-3:30pm. A few Wednesdays at noon during our Spring/Summer luncheons and Saturday evenings during the holiday party season may be required.
Pre-Opening responsibilities include light cleaning and prepping the dining rooms as well as restocking and prepping food and beverages areas.
Open responsibilities include serving our guests, busing tables, and maintaining a relaxing dining experience.
Close responsibilities include light cleaning of both dining rooms as well as cleaning and restocking beverage areas and prepping for the following day.
You are reliable and always have a smile on your face (even when your feet are killing you!). You are comfortable under pressure and a great listener. Restaurant experience is a plus but not mandatory as long as you are willing to learn. You are willing to learn.

Kitchen Assistant: 
Your role is very important as you are the one to make sure that every single plate that leaves the kitchen is accurate, perfectly presented, and meets our guests expectations. You will work directly with our cook in the kitchen. This position requires:
Hours are 10am-3:30pm Thursday, Friday, and Saturday. A few Wednesdays at noon during our Spring/Summer luncheons and Saturday evenings during the holiday party season may be required.
Pre-Opening responsibilities include assisting the cook with food and kitchen prep.
Open responsibilities include entree and dessert plating, order expediting, food restocking and maintaining a clean working environment.
Close responsibilities include hand washing large pots etc, loading/unloading dishwasher and kitchen clean up as well as prep for the following day.
You are reliable, and a neat/clean freak. You work best under pressure (seriously) and are able to juggle many guests' ticket orders at the same time. A great sense of humor is good, and you really don't care how bad you may look wearing a hair net.

How to Apply:
• Please email your resume to the address below. Resumes may be sent as an email, or in a JPG or PDF or WORD doc. format.
• Put the position you are applying for in your email "SUBJECT" line. (Example: if you are applying for the Hostess position, put HOSTESS JOB in your email "SUBJECT" line.)
• Send your resume to:
If you have any questions prior to applying, please send those to the same address. 
Or call 812-522-8617 and leave your name, phone number, and position applying for.

After You Apply:
Once we receive your resume, or phone message we will respond with next steps within a couple of days. If you send an email and you do not get a reply confirmation with next steps then we did not receive your application.

Relax. You'll feel it happening when you first arrive. It starts the moment you hear the songbirds greeting you, and enjoy the short garden walk to our front doors. Once inside, enjoy three ways to experience Batar...

Cafe Batar. Come inside, sit back and enjoy a cool iced tea. Satisfy your appetite with our luncheon menu offering freshly made hot and cold sandwiches, homemade soups, chicken wraps, our popular Fruit Salad Plate and weekly specials. Dessert? Cafe Batar entices you with home-baked cobblers, cakes and seasonal specials. Top it off with freshly brewed gourmet coffee or tea.  MENU

Shop Batar. After you enjoy lunch be sure to shop Batar featuring gifts to give, or something special for yourself. We have an expansive jewelry line this year, and have some wonderful new items for fall and winter in the latest colors. We are always looking for unique items to share with you so come back often to see what's new!

Sweet Batar. Red Velvet Whoopee Pies and gooey Turtle Bars are becoming guests' favorites. Our "hand-painted" sugar cookies and Cookie Boxes are one-of-a-kind, and perfect for special occasions. Fresh baked cookie classics like Chocolate Chip, Snickerdoodles, and Butter Cookies are offered daily. See the Sweets!

Sweet Batar's William Dean Chocolates Appear in Hit Movies; 

These are the famous William Dean chocolates that appeared in both movies, and Sweet Batar is the only place in southern Indiana where you can actually try them. See our SWEETS page for a complete list of all 15 William Dean flavors - available exclusively at Sweet Batar.

Take a leisurely stroll through the gardens, or a step back in time at our Parlor Music Museum. There is no rush. Take your time and relax at Batar.

Parlor Music Museum
Located beside Cafe Batar is the Parlor Music Museum; A personal collection of vintage music boxes, pump organs, victrolas, and nearly every issue of LIFE magazine. It's a fascinating hands-on look at how we entertained ourselves and our friends in the nineteenth and early twentieth centuries. TAKE A LOOK!

Our lunches are proudly served on vintage Wedgwood Countryside Blue China. Some pieces show signs of wear but that's okay because just like people, age adds character. Besides, they were made to be used, and we love sharing them with our friends.

• 11:00 a.m. to 3:00 p.m - Thursday, Friday and Saturday. 
• Reservations are not accepted.
• Groups of 10 or more will be seated at separate tables. (Sorry, we don't push tables together. With round tables, it just doesn't work.)

Group Outings
See GROUPS at the top of the page for details.

Rules of Relaxation
• No cell phone conversations anywhere inside the Cafe, Gift Shop or Parlor Music Museum (texting, taking/sharing photos is okay). Our goal is to provide a calm, quiet place that allows people to relax for a short time in their busy lives. Your cooperation is appreciated. Violators will be covered in strawberry glaze and tied down to an ant hill.
• Food made or purchased outside of Cafe Batar may NOT be brought inside - including birthday cakes. (Sorry, health regulations!)

So, what does 'BATAR' mean, anyway?
Batar is a combination of three things:
1. "BA" is from Barbara. One of Batar's founders.
2. "TA" is from Tammy. The other Batar founder.
3. "R" stands for the REST of us. It's for all the other people behind the scenes that make this place what it is.

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Whether this is your first visit or you're returning for the umpteenth time, we at Batar extend to you a heartfelt
Thank You!


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I am so excited to see that you are opening March 13th. After the winter we've had I am ready for some "BATAR!"